Deputy Commissioner's Message

I know that we are all undergoing an unprecedented testing time. Neither you nor I, almost
the whole world is undergoing this testing time. It has spared none. The Royals, the Nobles,
the Amirs all have been hit equally and mercilessly. In this war like situation, I would like to
emphasise that this pandemic is only a hurdle and not our end. So, I, as a leader of a huge
number of Teaching fraternity and a custodian of a hundred thousand children entrusted to
me, would like to put forth a few words to infuse courage and hope for they are the only two
options left before us. Of course, there are people in the field of health and medicine working
round the clock to find a vaccine to combat this deadly pandemic. I am confident that sooner
or later a way will be found to free our mankind to escape from this disease. Till then are we
to rest and idle out our time? No, that is not the need of the hour. I strongly feel, in this time
of crisis, that all my beloved children, trustworthy parents and dedicated teachers to work in a
team to device a way to overcome this problem. Children need their health, care, love, fun
and games. They cannot be left uncared. Luckily, like a boon, the information technology, is
in our hand. Let us make the best and wise use of the technology to fill the gap that has come
up between the teachers and students because of this debilitating disease Covid-19. Let there
be no play ground, let there be no class room, let there be no text books but learning has to
take place. ‘How is it possible?’- Someone may ask. I say, Teachers and Parents must come
together to shoulder their responsibility to put the technology to an effective use. Parents
have to ensure that the children are provided the devices and they are judiciously used under
their monitoring eyes during the online sessions. Teachers on the other hand have to explore
every possibility to reach the farthest and the neglected child to bring him/her into the ring of
learning. I, as a leader of the team, assure you through this forum that all the support and
motivation will spring from our side in imparting Quality Education through online mode.
Because I know it’s significance; Education is the base on which our Nation stands tall with
its towering Glory. KVS, being the trend setter in the field of School Education, will surely,
make it a reality. Already a new academic calendar has been scheduled to overcome the
paucity of time. In this regard, NCERT and CBSE have been making / modifying the
materials so as to suit to this purpose. So, I, along with the team of teachers, reiterate that
I will stand with thee, my beloved children, in these dark hours. Believe me that soon
you will see a dawn with its golden rays of warmth to bring everlasting happiness in